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Who We Are

Blackbird DW is a full-service digital solutions provider. A hot-shop.
We understand that being a preferred brand is more important than being a well-known one. That’s why we strive to create effective, connected systems and solutions that help businesses thrive.

This is what we love to do.



From 2D/3D Characters to corporate identities, our solutions will get you more exposure on all planes of online marketing.

Mobile Apps

Whether it's a fun game or a serious corporate mobile app, we'll soldier on till the downloads are sky rocketing.


Virtual reality, augmented reality, you name it! We specialize in advanced interactive platforms that allow clients to be transformed. Both are promising tremendous growth and earning massive media attention.

Online Marketing & Video

Online marketing is based on Content, content, content, and it's all we do. We partner with our clients to act as an expansion of their online marketing capabilities, no matter the budget, interest, or industry.

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Some of the best.

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Beirut, Lebanon

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