The changing face of video production

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It seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it? There’s a surge in demand for video content, yet the conventional high-end video production industry in Lebanon and other parts of the world is on the ropes.

With an increasing number of social media platforms, all with a video content feeding frenzy, producers of expensive, conventional TV commercials are finding it hard to get a place at the table. The video landscape has changed and there are several easy-to-spot factors pushing that transformation.

The big leap in video evolution

High-end video production, once the domain of big budgets in Lebanon, is on the wane because the field has been democratized. All-powerful video, once wielded by the big production gods, is now in the hands of mere mortals! The quality associated with sophisticated, expensive video equipment now comes basic with the average smart phone. There are devices with 4K capability that fit in the palm of your hand and cost a fraction of high-end cameras. The advent of cameras like the GoPro Hero have switched up the game.

Also, assembling video was once the domain of an experienced video editor using a complex and costly editing suite. Now, there are intuitive apps on smart phones and laptops that make basic video editing child’s play. Video equipment and software have evolved, along with the consumers of video content.

New consumer tastes

Content nowadays is driven by users of social media such as short vacation videos or precocious pets. It might seem nuts, but high-end videos in this user-driven environment can’t compete with low-quality cell phone videos that look like they were shot by someone on roller skates. People browsing the online world are fed a steady diet of these “civilian” videos and, as such, aren’t interested in big productions with a slick studio feel. Polished videos lack authenticity, which is the single most important currency for consumers today. Additionally, folks don’t want to be clobbered over their heads with advertising, they just want to be entertained. Expensive productions with a studio gloss can be perceived as fake, with a greasy sales pitch up their sleeves. Coupled with changing consumer tastes, the high-end video industry is also hit by some inescapable economic realities.

A Video of a cute kitten is bound to get more views than a Million Dollar Coca-Cola TVC.

The figures don’t lie

TV commercials have always been an expensive proposition. Depending on budgets, companies may only commission three or four videos per year. Now that everyone and their grandma is shooting video, the field is saturated. To maintain visibility, many companies are giving conventional TV commercials the heave-ho in favor of online video marketing where they get more bang for their buck. Getting noticed and staying in consumers’ minds demands regular, fresh video content. Therefore, if the costly TVC can be sacrificed to create a social media video series, it just makes good financial sense. There’s one thing to bear in mind though. Simply shifting big production sensibilities of conventional TV commercials to the online community

doesn’t work. In this age of consumer-driven video content, the story is key.

Embrace the video revolution with Blackbird DW

It’s not enough to produce videos and release them into the wild. At Blackbird DW, our strength has always been storytelling. Our focus is on finding the most compelling way to tell your story and structuring the video content around it. No one wants to be the one video that people scroll past because it has that telemarketer vibe. Blackbird DW is focused on indirect marketing; the “tell rather than sell” mindset. We’ve got the technical chops to create great video content, but our real strength is engaging today’s audiences on their terms. At Blackbird DW, we can take the budget of one conventional TVC and create magic with captivating and funny content on a daily and weekly basis helping to build a loyal following and convert that following into sales. The video landscape in Lebanon and the world over has changed. It’s time to get on board with a company who understands the lay of the land, and how to get you to your destination with cost effective indirect video marketing.

Written by Ralf Karam.
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