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Izzy Gummies

IFFCO Dubai asked us to handle the digital campaign of their new line of Gummies.

We are in charge of handling the full digital campaign from mobile apps (Games) development, interactive solutions (AR), video production, online marketing and web design/development.

Mobile Game Showcase

Astroman, Bouncy Bears, Fizz Drinks,
Wicked Watermelon, Sour Wrigglers, and Silly Fish are eager to take you on a treasure hunt. The treasures are candy and coins but they aren’t all buried in one place! It’s up to you to gather them as you go!

Did you know that gaming sharpens hand-eye coordination, as well as the abilities to make quick decisions and
solve problems on the fly? All you have to do is try! It also enhances creativity – especially as it relates to
technology and design. As you work toward higher levels, you’ll feel so motivated and confident you’ll shine!

Social content showcase

Latest Animated Videos

Latest Live Action videos

Web Design/Development

Client: IFFCO

Date: 2017

Link: http://www.izzyplanet.com/

Type: App/Web design & Development, Social Media, Content Creation, 3D character design and animation.