Sitcom Lebnene

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What is Sitcom Lebnene?

Sitcom Lebnene

“SITCOM LEBNENE” is a Lebanese animated series about a dysfunctional family striving to survive in Beirut. Sitcom Lebnene was produced by Blackbird DW.

We managed to create likable characters in a Lebanese environment that were loved by thousands and resulted in millions of views on our social accounts.

Blackbird DW executed the project from concept to final animation.

In the press

Blog Baladi featured us in their post for best valentine day ads.

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L’orien le jour described us in their article as the viral animated series on social media.

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The Huffington Post: “Lebanon’s Rising Animation Star”

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Short clip

Mother's Day Special

Full Episode

Episode 1 - وينو التران؟

Short clip

Valentine's Day Special

Short clip

Christmas Day Special

What's Next?

After the success of the mini-series, we decided to turn Sitcom Lebnene’s characters into 3D characters.

And soon enough, you’ll hear about the mobile game.

Client: Sitcom Lebnene

Date:  2014


Type: 2D Animation, Branding, Website, Online Marketing